"flag" a look in a dashboard?

  • 8 June 2018
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We are tacking the trending in a dashboard with several looks.

Say, if one of the looks detects “outlier”, we want to “flag” that look in dashboard (e.g., highlight it with red color). Is it doable (via dashboard API is also fine) ?



4 replies

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I guess it all depends on how you set up your outlier is tracked (i.e. is it always a static number or is it based upon some sort of equation).

The two ways you could do this is via liquid in the LookML or by possibly using the conditional formatting in the explore itself.

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Conditional Formatting Doc

Liquid/HTML Doc

Thank you for the hints.

Is it possible to do that via Looker dashboard API ?

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Hi Jason,

If you choose to go the liquid route, then no, it’s not possible to do this via the API- you would need to edit the LookML.

For the conditional formatting, you could theoretically edit the vis_config parameter of a look or dashboard element via the API, though the exact format of the configuration is not documented. The API reference is here.