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  • 2 August 2022
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I am trying to add a filter to a dashboard, but I want to limit this filter by another dimension. e.g. I have list of Fruit, these are grouped into Citrus/Non Citrus.  In my Dashboard I have the Fruit Names by number sold over time.  I then want to add a filter of the Fruit Name to the Dashboard, but I want to limit to Citrus only.  How can I limit the filter without adding another Filter to limit on Citrus only. Otherwise all fruit are displayed in the drop down.  I have tried to create a look  with the filter applied, but the dashboard filter doesn’t seem to sync with the visual filters. 

I am new to Looker and previously would have used something like a page filter in PowerBI.  This would have limited any Slicers/Filters added to the page.


3 replies

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@Tony Le Mesmar  you can use this feature 


Select filters to update when this filter changes. In my dashboard I select a client and then the list of projects is already filtered by the client

HI @Dawid 

Thanks for the reply, but don’t think that resolves my issue.  Per image.  I have a visual filtered on fruitgrouping = “Citrus”.  However if I add a filter on Fruit to the Dashboard. All fruit are shown.  Can you sync the filters the visual filters ?  The only way it seems is to add a filter on fruit grouping set to Citrus and apply per you’re suggestion above  but this takes up room on your filter panel unnecessarily .




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Okay, maybe I misunderstood it. If you want only citrus fruits in the filter straight away then you may have to create a dimension that only pulls those values. Provided that Citrus as a group is already a filter in all the tiles