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  • 4 November 2022
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I’m trying to make work this kind of condition :

NOT({% condition has_not_property %} property {% endcondition %})

has_not_property is a check list allowing an array of values to be selected (property is an ARRAY<STRING>). The issue is that when I have a default value on my filter (no value selected), NOT({% condition has_not_property %} property {% endcondition %}) becomes NOT(1=1) <=> false, so… no values end up being selected : users would not understand.

The issue is that templated filters ( behave as a black box which is hard to interact with. I cannot write “if not values are selected then <true> else <apply_the_filter_logical_expression>”.

I found the post below, which seems to be a solution. It’s actually not, since it doesn’t work : CAST({% condition filter_name %} sql_or_lookml_reference {% endcondition %} AS STRING) becomes CAST(1=1 AS STRING), which becomes “true” (the logical expression 1=1 is executed first) and not “1=1” as claimed.


=> I’m searching a solution to make that NOT filter work, with a special case of the default value (1=1) which I would like to be replaced by true in the WHERE part.


The best idea I’m having right now is to compute a new column on my data table, has_not_property ARRAY<STRING>, so that I can filter this way {% condition has_not_property %} has_not_property {% endcondition %}.

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