Filter with tag list based on another filter that is liquid

  • 29 April 2022
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I am trying to get a tag list in one filter on my dashboard that is limited with available reasults based on another filter. After applying option :

I have no values:


I think the reason may be that filter that should limit the 2nd one (Title filter) is a liquid filter that is used in my view in a devired table. 

I’ve tried to add parameters suggest_explore and suggest_dimension to a view that is joined with the one I am currently working with, but still no reasults.

How to do this to get the tag list? What may be a reason of no values? 

2 replies

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Does your data have a structure like that


Lets say you have data in a table like 

Country and City

A simple group by on country will list all the cities by country

If your data is in this format you can do that which will only display the required values. 

Lets say your country filter is USA the city filter would only show you the values of cities in the USA not in other countries.

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Hi Anabanana!



As Sri75 suggested, one option is to use dimensions (for instance: CASE-WHEN in a new dimension) to get a distinct list of possible values.


In general, you should be able to link the content of the parameter list in Filters > parameter list.

For instance, in my test I have stores that belongs to a district:

 parameter: store_lists {
type: string
default_value: "all"
allowed_value: {
label: "First Store - 8501"
value: "8501"
allowed_value: {
label: "Second Store - 8502"
value: "8502"
allowed_value: {
label: "All Stores"
value: "all"



Filter : District



Hope it helps!


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