Filter suggestions are not sort based on order_by_field in 4.18

  • 8 August 2017
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Hi, we recently upgradedfrom 4.14 to 4.18 and one diference that I observed is as below.

We have filter suggestion (where suggest_dimension is order by other dimension to have suggestions in desc order). It was working fine in 4.14 but in 4.18 it’s not working so regardless of the order_by_field Looker is ordering suggestions in alphabetical order and only 100 suggestions are diplsyiang against 500 for 4.14.

Anything change in 4.18 which is not describe in the release or did this issue got fixed in 4.20? As we have to decide whether to upgrade to 4.18 or not?

3 replies

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There were indeed changes made to the filter suggestions, as described here. Basically, suggestions are made by partial word matches and ranked based on relevance. I did some testing on my end to verify the changed behavior (full_name is using id as the order_by_field), and here is what I see in versions before 4.18:

Here is what I see in version 4.18:

I’m not sure if this change was intended to break the order_by_field functionality, so I’ve passed this along to the engineering team. If you have further questions or would like to discuss your use case more deeply, please contact


Is this functionality fixed in Looker version 6?

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Yep, this one was fixed way back in November 2017!

We are all the way up to Looker 7 now by the way, not 6 🙂