Filter show option in scheduled dashboards / Bug?

  • 4 November 2017
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Dashboard has 3 looks/ tiles. I’m applying the same filter (Company Name) to update all 3 tiles, so I can see the numbers for all tiles that apply to that specific company in the filter.

When I export this dashboard (either via Downloading as PDF of scheduling an email with PDF attached or Inline image) I do NOT want the filter to appear in the visualization of the dashboard. The only way I see possible is going to settings, choose “Edit Embed Settings”, then turning OFF the switcher “Show filters”. When I click on “Preview Embed”, indeed the Filter is not showing.

However, when I send the dashboard as scheduled email - either as PDF attached or inline - the filter is showing. On the PDF version, it goes on top of dashboard. On inline version, it shows on each tile.

Any ideas on how to make the filter truly invisible when Dashboard is exported via email?

3 replies

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Hey @Tayse_Pallaoro

This is currently not possible in Looker. However there is a Feature Request open, to which I would happily add your use case. Our Product team is aware of it and might consider implementing it in the future. Thank you for bringing this up.



Sasha, thanks.

Then what is the switcher “Show Filter” on/off good for?

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Hey @Tayse_Pallaoro,

That was designed to work in embed content only.