Filter Issue

  • 27 December 2017
  • 1 reply

Hi Team,

I have a use case:

I want a single Global date filter that should be reflect on all merchants, but as apple calendar is bit different, the date filter which am using is not reflected for apple data.

So based on Merchant value selection can we change the date filter, ex: if merchant =XXX then Date filter else apple filter.



1 reply

Hello Harika,

Thanks for your request. It would be better I believe if we deal this one via chat as there are some information missing, just please come up there anytime. We are going to need some explanations on the differences in your data based on the apple calendar, what date filter you are using at the moment, and so forth.

You can take a look on faceted filters documentation, that would help you figure out how to update filters from other filters results by using the listens_to_filters: [name] parameter in Dashboards.