Fetch particular dashboards information, along with filters

Hi All,

I am using pylooker REST API, to fetch the dashboard’s data. Following is the dashboard I have. I want the information(value of each pane).

This same information is also downloadable in json/csv/other formats if we download we can get the information like this when it is downloaded.(I want the same information which we have downloaded)

[{“time_dimension”:“2017-Q3”,“hours_used_sum”:{“usage_rank.dimension_or_other”:{“01) ALL”:“3,152,332,197.0”}}},

So I want the information in this way. Also, I want to apply filters if I want to find the usage on a particular day.

I wrote following code for it:

base_url = ‘https://zyx:19999/api/3.0/

token = unauthenticated_authApi.login(client_id=client_id, client_secret=client_secret)

client = looker.ApiClient(base_url, ‘Authorization’, 'token ’ + token.access_token)

looker.DashboardFilter(‘97’) # with this line I am not getting the expected values which I have shown as downloaded information.

Please let me know how to get the required information and also how to apply the filters?

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