"Expand Tables" print option combined with custom visualizations containing tables

  • 18 March 2019
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Hey folks-

We love the new(ish) Expand Tables option when PDFing so that our table-filled PDFs expand/stack correctly regardless of the table length. We also use a custom table visualization that we made (because there is no control over font options in the native one) and I cannot figure out what javascript events/etc I need to listen for and respond to in order to make this work on my custom tables. Can you guys share how this works on the native table vis so that it can be reimplemented in custom versions?

Note that the docs at reference the ‘trigger’ function but do not show any event that can be triggered to resize the external iframe which would likely solve this issue.



2 replies

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Hey Max,

Thanks for the feedback, we’re happy to hear that you like the new Expand Tables option! We don’t have this functionality available yet in our custom visualization framework, but we’ll take this into account for future iterations. I’d also love to understand more around the font options you’re looking to customize in the table - we’re building a new and improved table visualization this year with many more features. Would you be open to sharing more details on your table needs?



Hey Arielle!

Just looking for the basics, that would be full control over the style sheet in regards to fonts, specifying font face URLs, font size control, horizontal alignment per column (current table vis will automatically right align numeric types within the table body but not in the header which is a non-starter for us showing table vis’s to our execs), cell and row padding/spacing, control over alternate row colors, row heights, that sort of stuff. There actually is already an “advanced table” custom vis in the github repo that adds quite a bit of this so it doesn’t seem that I was the first person to think of it. 🙂

Is there any sort of release timeframe/initial feature set for the new native table vis?