Excel data export issue in Looker

  • 4 August 2017
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I am having issue with exporting data in excel from the look. I am using Looker version 4.14.

When Looker exports data in excel following features don’t work

All options setup in visulization, will not work

  • Hide dimensions/measures appear in excel export

  • View_label will appear in export eventhough its hidden in visulization

  • Formated measures (like $ format) export as text not as numbers (so users can not do furher aggregation in Looker)

This is really a major challange from our user side. Is there any work around or fix for this issue?

2 replies

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Hi @kshah7,

For versions before Looker 4.16, it was possible to download the data in the data table, but not the data from the visualization settings.

As of 4.16 you can use the “apply visualization options”, discussed in more detail in the Looker 4.16 Release Notes.

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Thanks Morgan it is really helpful and we will do upgrade in orer to use this feature.