Example of richly formatted dashboard

  • 20 November 2017
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I am not from a programming background but am not afraid to look into code and tweak what is necessary.

I am new to Looker and have figured out how to create dashboards. However, I would like to make them visually appealing and am looking for some examples that I can learn from. I know there are a zillion properties I can tweak and set but would rather start by learning from what others have already tried.

If you do not mind sharing an example or two that I can learn from that would be awesome!

Thank you!


2 replies

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Hey Mahesh!

This is a great discourse article about best practices when creating visually appealing dashboards that can get you pointed in the right direction. To see a real-world example, there is a dashboard on learn that gives examples of ways to use every type of visualization available in Looker. If you do not have access to, you can visit to request a login. Hope this helps!


Thanks Ryan!