Editing Dashboards Bug

  • 12 September 2016
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I am using the table visualization with some dashboards. I had to go through and pull the bottom of the table to the bottom so there was no scroll bar and it could be printed on one page. I noticed that if I do it outside of dev mode and then export to pdf the changes do not flow through. It seems like I have to do it both in and out of dev mode for the changes to flow through. It isn’t because I am trying to export right away either, some of these dashboards I had updated a week or two ago and just now noticed they weren’t showing up properly in the pdf.

Is there a reason we have to update the dashboard in both dev and out of dev mode for the changes to show up in the pdf file?

2 replies

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PDF exporting should always hit your instance’s production model, but Look-based dashboards (non-LookML ones that you can drag and drop) are not tied to anyone’s developer model. Which I guess is a round about way of saying, “I don’t understand how dev mode would matter. Let’s get to the bottom of this.”

I just played with this on something I’ve been working on and haven’t been able to get developer mode to make a difference (other than the view doesn’t exist in prod). Do you know what release you’re on, @josmeye? Are you exporting as the legacy vertical PDF or the standard ones?

Totally happy to troubleshoot this issue, but you might get to the bottom of it quicker if you visit us at or reach out to the built-in chat (if you have developer access).

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Ok ill reach out to them. Thanks