Dynamically Show/Hide Series in Visualization across multiple Looks

  • 2 July 2021
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This seems like it should be relatively straightforward but every option I have tried has not panned out. 


I have a series of Looks on a Dashboard (Next-Gen). Many of these Looks include tables calculations with some basic regression formula to project some value based on timeseries data. The projection distorts the scale of the Y axis on all of these Looks when visible, and hiding it makes the visual much more interpretable. 


Is there a way to dynamically show/hide that series based on a toggle/ button on a dashboard which propagates to all the Looks? Preferably this would happen without having to reload the Looks. I’ve tried the following to no avail:

  • Boolean filter + “if” statement in table calculation
  • Yes/No Parameter value (apparently inaccessible in table calc)


Example Visuals:

Example With Table Calc Trendline
Example Without Trendline


1 reply

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There is no way to hide/show a certain series apart from clicking on a legend and its name. The only thing I could advise in this case is to put the projection on a new axis, also on the left side and synchronise it with a multiplication. So that 200 of the bar charts is 1000 of the projection, and so on.. Could be the best you can do as toggling it won’t be possible.