Dynamically set default dashboard filter value?

  • 10 August 2016
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What’s the best way to set default, initial value for a dashboard filter in embedded mode?

Regular dashboard filter seem to allow setting static values only.

I am wondering if there’s a way that embedded dashboard can pre-populate initial filter values with something that’s either received as URL parameter or looked up dynamically from the database.

For example, each SSO user may want to open dashboard with his own preferred currency .



5 replies

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@mbulwan - The filter values may be altered during the uri generation for all SSO uris. An example url_path specific to your dashboard would be


Note that any number of filters and values may be added via the url using a similar method to the method depicted here.

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it would be great if this could be done for looks/explores using fields from other views in the explore via lookml and not the URL.

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Hey @mplooker, I can let our product team know you’d like to have this feature!

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that would be great. thanks!

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Any update on this? Is this feature available in any looker release?