Dynamic Series labels renaming

  • 27 January 2016
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I’m working on a date-to-date comparison. I made a report with day of the week on the X-axis and pivoted three weeks on the Y-axis. Now this works great only to make this more readable, I want to rename the three different weeks to This week, Last week, Last year.

In this example I could off course do this simply by adding something like ‘2015-01-26: Last year’ in the Series Labels field under Style. The problem is, these labels will change every week, so it is not a sustainable solution.

Is there any way to for example always rename the first, second and third series to something, without really mentioning the actual current series name?

2 replies

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Hey Jaap,

This is not currently possible but I definitely love the idea and have passed it along to product!



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You could create a custom measure using a sql case statement that buckets things into this week, or last week, or 52 weeks ago, else null.

Then you could pivot by that measure instead of created week.