Dynamic Column or Dimension selection in Looker dashboards (or drill down to multiple levels)

  • 4 July 2022
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Is it possible  to have a feature where a user can choose from a list of available dimensions to display in the Dashboard. (including choosing multiple fields)?

So there are two ways to achieve this. Using an example of Profit & Loss Statement below to describe what I need. 

  1. There is a Profit & Loss (P&L) dashboard. When a user opens it they see Gross Sales, Net Sales and Gross Profit. Then if they want to see more details, they can click on ‘Net Sales’ which shows the P&L including a breakdown of Net Sales components (Gross Sales Product A, Product B, Total Discounts/deductions) etc. So a set of additional rows between Gross Sales and Net Sales. Then when they click on Total Discounts/deductions, again an new set of rows are shown with its breakdown (e.g. Cash discount, Rebate etc) . This looks like Grouping function in MS Excel in practice. In this case not only new rows are added, but additional columns can be shown as well. 
  2. Another option is a functionality in the dashboard where the user chooses from a list of dimensions to see what they want to see in the dashboard. For e.g. If they click on Dimension ‘Level 1 P&L’, they see Gross Sales, Net Sales and Gross Profit. If they then select Level 2, they can see an additional column where they can see the breakdown of these three items. 
  3. Yet another option is an extended drill down. Currently with Drill down we can click on a measure and a pop-up opens to show details that we have set. Can we drill down further if we click on a number in this pop up.

I found a previous discussion related to this question, but no solution.


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