Drill menus in visualizations (3.40+)

  • 9 February 2016
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In Looker 3.40 we introduced drill menus that allow you to do custom drilling on a dimension. Read more about this here. This includes drill menus in visualizations, allowing you to custom drilling directly from a visualization.

In Looker 3.40, enable this feature by going to Admin > Labs and enabling Drill Menu in Visualizations. In Looker 3.42 and above, this feature is enabled automatically.

To drill from a visualization, click on the part of the visualization you would like to drill into and the menu will appear. From there, you can drill using any options in the menu:

Other uses of drill menus

Read more about:

  1. Drilling into a row by any other dimension value

  2. Drilling to dashboards (in labs)

  3. Linking to URLs

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