Download to xls from dashboard

  • 28 February 2018
  • 5 replies

Is looker thinking of this feature to download to xls from dashboards? Currently we have csv download option from dashboards, but it is trimming leading 0s, so we would need the download to xls functionality?

5 replies

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Hey @ayonsarkar,

I can totally understand the need for xls downloading from dashboards given this use case. I’ll definitely pass this feedback along to our product team!

thnx @rachel.johnson. Do you know of any expected timelines for this feature. Currently I am working on a business solution where we need this or else we will have to think for some other tool. If this can be implemented quickly it will be of great help.

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Hey @ayonsarkar,

I can’t speak to the details of the timeline but I will definitely include this context in my report 🙂

In the meantime, using the Import Text File wizard, found in the Data menu, allows you to import the CSV and specify the type of each column; meaning the columns with leading zeroes can be specified as a text column to prevent the zeroes from getting trimmed.

thanks @rachel.johnson. that will involve a lot of user training, since we have a lot of users. I will wait for the functionality to be implemented.

@rachel.johnson Has this functionality been implemented? One of our business units is also looking for this feature and it is critical requirement for them.