Download to Excel - "Refusing to run query with no limit that Looker cannot stream incrementally."

  • 1 February 2023
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I regularly download data from a Look (Excel format, With visualization options applied, Formatted, All Results).

In the last few days, rather than the expected data, this message is provided in the spreadsheet:  Refusing to run query with no limit that Looker cannot stream incrementally. Please choose a smaller limit or remove table calculations.

I’ve decreased the Row Limit from 500 to 250 to 100 to 25 to 24 (the exact number of data rows for a particular download), and still receive this message.  Another data set had just one data row, and with a Row Limit of 1, still garnered this message.

Is anyone else having this issue?  What is occurring, and how do I fix it?

Thank you!


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The problem is the ‘all results’ as part of the selection. You have to define results in the download, and say how many rows to download (500, 1,000 etc).

I tried downloading via both “Current result table” and “Custom”, and both successfully downloaded the data without the “Refusing to run query” message.  My primary concern is resolved--thank you!


However, “Custom” successfully downloaded the data without changing its default of 5000 rows and 50 columns.  Why wouldn’t a smaller data set of 24 rows and 15 columns not work for “All results”?  I ask simply for understanding, as this is a new issue.  We’ve previously always successfully chosen “All results”.

It looks like this is related to a legacy feature which has been removed.