Does Slack beta require you to have Slack open/logged in

  • 29 March 2020
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Hi everyone

Recently I started to get scheduling errors for Looker Dashboards

Error: An error occurred for action looker-integration://1::slack_app. The action could not be executed.

Could this be because my slack is not open?

When I click on the “your content” link in the email, then the dashboard opens and I can’t see an issue.

2 replies

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You shouldn’t need to have slack open for the message to send-- I think this is an issue that we need to resolve on our end. We’ve seen some instances of this, and some of them have been resolved when you make changes to the schedule and then re-save it, or reconfigure the slack integration.

We’re taking a look at this internally and will update! Let us know if editing the schedule gets it back into a functional state

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I have opened the schedules and saved them - but this didnt fix the issue. Then I deleted the schedules, and re-created them. I think this worked.