Do not display NULLs on line chart

  • 31 July 2019
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I have enabled not showing nulls on my chart, however I have noticed weird behaviour:


You can see the green line starts at 8 which is great but between 0 and 3 there are two nulls and somehow the line exists, with the only difference being it doesn’t have labels.

Is that expected behaviour?

2 replies

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Hi @Dawid_Nawrot,

That is indeed expected behaviour.

If you would zoom into it, you would see a line going from the 2 on X=0 to the 1 on X=3.

In some sense, it would make more logical if the slide button would say ‘Plot Null Values as 0’, or - as you expected - for the points where the value is NULL, don’t plot anything when Plot Null Values is disabled.

I would consider using a column (or scatter) visualisation if you really don’t want to see anything at NULL values.

Hope it helps a bit.

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Thank you @DaanIF

I would agree with you about the column chart but I am not really looking at the values but curves, and there are 4 of them so it’s just to quickly see where the current one is against others. This line gives me a wrong impression that something was happening there but in fact it’s null…

With scatter plot I’m losing the ability to compare the whole “line”.

but thank you kindly for your input!