Displaying 3 numeric values and their relation

  • 20 August 2018
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I’m trying to figure out what would be the best visualisation option in Looker for this specific use case (budget and invoicing for projects). In a single viz, I’d like to see:

  • Target budget

  • Value of work performed

  • Actual amount invoiced

In a different dashboard tool I’ve done this using a bar chart (for the value of work performed) with an overlay of shapes to show the target budget and amount invoiced, but Looker does not support this type of chart, unfortunately.

The goal is, in one chart, to view where if we’re on track on the budgeted amount, and whether the actual invoicing is on track with the invoicing that has been performed, and therefore easily spot projects that are over budget or under-invoiced.

The amounts could be individual dimensions (single row), or measures for aggregation.

Any creative ideas? (This can involve a custom vizualisation if you have a code example).

3 replies

Hi Martin,

Assuming each metric is an individual measure (data series) you can represent different data series as different chart types, for example have value of work a column, amount invoiced an area and target budget as a line.

This is under the Series options for the visualization.

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Ah ah! I forgot about that option. Ok, so using Scatter for two of the series creates something close to what I had in mind. Now, if only we had an option to choose a custom icon for the point style instead of only having filled or outline as options that would be perfect 🙂

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Nice work, Martin! I can let the product team know you’d like to see this option. You should also keep an eye on our release notes for coming changes to visualizations!