Display the values of 4 columns in a pie chart

  • 22 July 2021
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Hi there,


I have an aggregate table where four columns are different total counts that are equivalent to the entire count for that row. I want to display the values of those 4 columns in a pie chart.  Currently I have them defined as measures of the sum type. 


That works well for doing stacked area graphs, but for some reason it doesn’t allow for a pie graph.  Any ideas on how to make a pie graph from the data?


Thank you


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1 reply

If I have a table that looks like: 

item     | total_a | total_b | total_c--------------------------------------"car"    |  100    |  50     |  50"chair"  |   3     |  5      |  45"car"    |  50     |  100    |  100


How can I show that "car" has an equal 33% distribution (150 each) of total_a, total_b, and total_c?