Display Image and Value with Single Value Visualization

  • 17 May 2019
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Hello, I am attempting to create the Dashboard/Look seen below.

My initial plan was to use a Single Visualization, however, in order to grab and display the numerical value that I need, I have to perform a Table Calculation.

Is there a way to solve this problem? Are there other visualizations I might look into(like Table)?

Thanks in advance!

3 replies

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You should be able to view a table calculation with a single value viz! I’m not certain I understand what the hang up here is. Do you need to display both a table/visualization and the number, there?

Hi Izzy, thanks for your response.

I apologize for the lack of information. I am using a Table Calculation to calculate the value that I need. I need to display the value, a corresponding image, and a label(or title).

From what I can tell, with a Single Value viz, I can either display the value or the image, not both. Is this possible without creating a custom visualization?

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Hey Austin,

You can do this with HTML and Liquid - there’s a great example in the PDF attached to this post (Office Hours — Customization with Liquid [NY & SF]) if you scroll to the second-last page.

Edit: on second thought, this may not be exactly what you’re after because you wouldn’t be able to reference the Table Calc column on the measure with the HTML embedded. That said, if you’re willing to re-make your Table Calc as an actual measure, you could then reference that field to get what you’re after.