Display 5,000 points on Static Map (points) Viz

  • 4 October 2017
  • 2 replies

To start, we’re currently on Looker release 4.14, and I am an admin user with “download_without_limits”

With a data set that has a zipcode type (I do not have reliable Lat/Long to use the location type), I am building an US-map visualization with dimensions of zipcode and one other, and the measure being a simple count of rows.

The map works great right now, but the data set is limited to 5,000 points, and I have a full set of about 7,500 (from my SQL running directly against the database). Does anyone know a way to move past this limit?

2 replies

There is not currently a way to show > 5,000 records in the browser. However, you might consider aggregating on something less granular than zipcode so you can be sure that all records are included.

I’ll let the product team know about your use case here. Thank you for your feedback!

One potential way to do this is to add a random_sample dimension into your lookml and then do something like a modulus or some random function so that you can filter down to 5000ish results. I did this:

dimension: random_sample {

type: yesno

sql: case when mod(zip,5)=0 then true else false end ;;


This let me get a halfway decent map. Not ideal but it worked.