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Hi, is there any way to disable the sort in dashboard table?


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Hey Makoto,

Looker is able to remove table sorting only for downloads. You’ll see the checkbox in the download modal. All other queries will have an ORDER BY clause in SQL.

If you’d like to tell me a little more about your use case, I’d be happy to help you get the results you want. Also, I can pass your suggestion along to the product team.

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Hi Talal,

I have the same question. My use-case is that I want to show the following table:

This dimension is based on a bunch of case-when’s. My requirements:

[1] show those categories with a zero count (for example “No Information from CS”

[2] don’t show the row where no value for this dimension exists (see the last row -> None values).

To solve [2] I first added a filter, (Ops Maintenance State is any value) but then Looker stopped showing me the categories with a zero count (requirement [1]), so now I removed the filter but then it naturally also shows this last row.

To get rid of that row, Im using the “dont show last 1 row”… but that ofcourse depends on the sorting of the table… If I reverse the ordering than the row that I want to get rid of moves to the top and is erroneously displayed (and another row that does need to be shown is not being shown)…

So it would be important to disable sorting by the end-user.

Any ideas how to solve this?

Hey @lucas.van.walstijn,

I have a couple of ideas to resolve both issues and allow you to not worry about the sort order, but they’ll require some additional details on your use case. Do you mind sending an email to We can take it from there and get you to where you need to be!



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Similar question here. Turns out that the result of a running total table calculation is calculated differently when the date is sorted.

Ideally, I want the cumulative count to start from day 1 regardless of how Date column is sorted. However, a suitable workaround for now would be to disable the sort on Date.

I have the same question. I am using a column to show how long ago an upload happened into a table. It shows up as “1 day ago”, “3 days ago” , “12 days” ago… I don’t want the user to sort on this column because a string sort gives un-intended consequences.

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+1 for being able to lock or disable user sorts.

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+1 for disable sort in visualizations

+1 for me too - was anything ever figured out?

+1 for me, too.

+1 for me as well, now the users can break the table calculation that depends on the sort :( 

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+1 here please!!! Users break the table calculations (change from previous one) if they sort by other criteria

+1 REALLY need a way to prevent dashboard end users from breaking charts by changing sort order! 

Specifically for charts that utilize table calcs and depend on rows being sorted a particular way to return valid results.

+1. Any solution figured out?

+1 for disable sort in visualizations



Created an account just to say: +1

yes please +1. sorting data messes up my table calculations, please add this feature. 

+1 here too!