Dimensions won't load

  • 4 September 2021
  • 1 reply

I’ve come across this twice so far, but I have looks and dashboards that will not load if there are any dimensions or measures selected from a specific view (User). So if I select anything from the “User” group it will try the load for 20-30 mins and then throw an error that it can’t load, but other dimensions that reference that same database work just fine. 


If that makes sense. It’s specific dimensions will not load, so all day yesterday I could not load any of them, but today it works fine. 


Would this be a LookML issue? A DB connection problem? Something else?



1 reply

I’ve found that this error occurs with specific explores. There are, that I know of, two explores that this happens with. Even a simple look with 1 dimension and 1 measure will “run” for 30minutes or so before saying “Error running query!”. If I take out the dimensions/measures/filters from the affected explore everything works fine. 


Someone else has the issue and got the error “Query failed with unexpected exception per-user limit on ‘database’ timed out for user_id 21” 


Read through this - - but we’re not hitting any limits, that I can see, other explores that pull from the same database are fine.