Different value when in dashboard and in edit mode

  • 5 November 2021
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I am having a look which gives different values when in edit mode and when in dashboard means in while exploring the values are correct but when i add it to a dashboard one of the values somehow changed.

i tried to clear cache and refresh but i wont work.

Any help in this case 

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1 reply

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Hi Bibekkumar.


In order to ensure that you are working in the correct dataset, please ensure that the following topics are set properly:

1. Looker - Developer Mode / Production Mode

Ensure looker production mode is set when querying the data.

2. Looker - Git control

Save all of your development changes before using production mode.

3. Looker - Caching

Looker Cache can also impact the data output. Please validate if there is already set a policy cache in your instance