Date Parameter - Single Date Only

  • 14 December 2021
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We’re creating a number of explores, looks, and dashboards based on a reference date parameter. We have logic that uses this ‘reference date’ parameter to drive the data selection for our users.

Everything works great. When we add the reference date parameter to the explore & look, the user is restricted to a single date selection (or the user field, which we don’t use), which is what we expect and want. According to Looker documentation, date parameters will only allow a single date selection.

However, when I add this same parameter to a dashboard, the date based filters are not available like in a normal date field, only the ‘advanced’ selection, which exposes all of the date based filter options that we’re trying to avoid.

I’m able to work around this by creating a LookML dashboard, but that makes editing dashboards very cumbersome and we’re trying to avoid doing that.

Is there any way limit a date parameter to a single date on a user defined dashboard?

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