Data Visualization: 3 dimension (2 categories) and 1 date variable.

  • 10 September 2021
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Hello I am curious if anyone knows of a good way to visualize a measure over time with two categorical dimensions and one date dimensions.


Here is an example of what that looks like in Looker. There are case reasons such as (Phone Issues and Replacements), and Topics (e.g. Phone damage, screen broken etc.). Also Date by month. Does anyone know a good way to visualize these two dimensions (reason and topic) and date in the same visualization. I know I could do donut multiples to get a total and pivot by row or pivot. But the date is important to have looking at the volume. 

I could possibly Pivot the reason as well… but then the graph gets too messy. Anyone have good insights? Would it be best to break this up into two graphs with (Phones and Replacements - e.g. Reason). However it would be nice to visualize it together to tell the difference between (Phone issues and replacements) in the same graph because some case topics with Phone Issues may lead to a replacement. So it would be nice to visual together somehow. I would appreciate any advice.



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