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  • 28 October 2022
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We have three data sources which we connect from our PostgreSQL and wrote CUSTOM QUERY to grab data to our dashboard reports. What we’re seeing is every time we open a report, (no matter who or what time in a day) we get a lot of Data Set Configuration Errors. It seems like that we have too many connections, even though there are only three data sources. We are not sure where the redundancy is.

Can anyone help us troubleshoot and find a solution?


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3 replies

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Hey Cynthia,


It looks like you are using Looker Studio (former Google Data Studio) , which is a different product, and this community forum is for Looker :)

I’d probably try googling the error itself to see if there are any troubleshooting steps specifically for Looker Studio, or maybe just check the connection settings to see if you can increase the amount of the allowed connection slots in your connections.

Hi @olga,

First, thank you for replying.

This Looker community forum does not include Looker Studio at all? The icon is the same.


And I did google the error and tried many different way of troubleshooting steps. There are some similar situations as us and no one provided a solutions that actually works. Additionally,  we increased the connection slots already and the weird thing is it shows in the back end that many connections showing up for just one person open one report. And we can not figure why it happens like that.

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Hey @Cynthia168 

Sorry, it did not show me your reply :( 

Don’t get me wrong, it is not that it is forbidden to ask about Looker Studio 😆 Just that this community historically has people who has experience with Looker, and as Data Studio was rebranded as Looker Studio very recently, the chances to find here someone familiar with it are very low at the moment :(