Dashboards Next Funnel Visualization

  • 10 November 2020
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Is anyone else having issues with the funnel visualization in dashboards next? The visualization doesn’t seem to resize correctly as the tile is made larger or smaller and looks cut off. Also, the data labels show up to the left despite me selecting inline. 

18 replies

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We’ve actually replaced the funnel visualization on dashboards next (the “old” one was written in d3.js, and we’ve moved to a new viz library since so rewrote the funnel for dashboards-next) and there are some things that are intentionally different.


We have some latitude to change the width/colors, but one of the things explicitly called out as something that would be very difficult to change is

All labels (label, value, percent) have to all be in one location (left, right or inline) it’s not possible to have some labels be inline and others be on the left for example

You should be able to have all labels be inline, though!

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hey @izzy – i’m finding that the new dashboard visualization just gives me a sharp “down triangle” whereas the old visualizations were a bit easier to read with the block bars or smoothed bars.


current look makes it almost impossible to interpret what’s going on.


anything i can do to make it similar to the old version?

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Following up – for now, going to revert to legacy dashboard (a shame because I like everything else about the new one!) until the funnel is more usable. 


Using bar height to denote size is confusing and makes interpreting the results difficult, which is the opposite of what a good visualization should do.


Please let me know if this changes! Thanks.

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I echo what @mstenclik says. The sharp downwards triangle is nowhere near as partner-friendly as the previous funnel diagram, a real shame because everything else about the new dashboard visualisation is incredible!


@izzy - is there no potential for there to be a choice of how we want these charts to look? or the ability to revert single tiles to legacy version?

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further to this, I have used the downward triangle visualisation on a dashboard and have had constant issues with the smallest figure being chopped off the bottom.


Sometimes I will get a line pointing to this figure but with no actuals, and sometimes not even that. For me, the final figure (conversions) is the most important! is there any way to get this fixed? 


I have added a screenshot of one example.


I can fix it for the likes of viewing the dashbaord by hovering over it but unfortunately this doesn’t fix it for any kind of download or schedule so remains a problem in my book!

To be completely honest, our team is also complaining about this visualization. The previous one was a really good implementation of the Funnel Chart. Due to it, we needed to revert some of the next dashboards to the legacy version.

One thing I have noticed is that if I put an HTML tag on the measure I am using in the funnel, the tool tip doesn’t reflect the HTML value. Is there any work around for this?

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I just realised that the visualisation is completely different between the design and dashboards-next, no parity at all with this unreadable triangle. Is this being looked at?

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I have done some incredibly hacky things to try to get around this short term.

Hack on the left, default on the right


Like, really hacky. If anyone is desperate I can share my methods but it’s embarrassing how convoluted it is trying to do a really simple thing.

I’ve recommended that my analysts use sunbursts instead for the time being:


Available in the Marketplace


+1 - The triangle chart is very difficult to parse.  We may use old dashboards, which doesn’t seem great.

Also really missing the old funnel visualisation! In my case, trying to pivot for multiple funnels in one tile. The new vis just returns one massive triangle :(

+1, how funnels look like in the dashboards are not a good data visualisation and can be misleading. I don’t expect my stakeholders to be clicking through so they see the better viz in the explorer. 


Please fix!

+1 !! Please give us the option to use funnel with bars!!

Yes please bring back the bar option on the funnel view. The downward triangle is unusable especially for management-facing reports.

We are also unhappy about the new funnel visualization. It would be important to have the option of working with the “old” funnel.


The new funnel vizualization is useless. 

I spoke to support this morning on an unrelated topic (waterfall visualisations also being broken in dashboard-next), and they said that the bars should be propagated to dashboard-next by the time legacy is deprecated in a couple of weeks. Worth keeping an eye on though :)

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+1 the new funnel visualization is poorly designed.