Dashboards Next Funnel Visualization

  • 10 November 2020
  • 1 reply

Is anyone else having issues with the funnel visualization in dashboards next? The visualization doesn’t seem to resize correctly as the tile is made larger or smaller and looks cut off. Also, the data labels show up to the left despite me selecting inline. 

1 reply

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We’ve actually replaced the funnel visualization on dashboards next (the “old” one was written in d3.js, and we’ve moved to a new viz library since so rewrote the funnel for dashboards-next) and there are some things that are intentionally different.


We have some latitude to change the width/colors, but one of the things explicitly called out as something that would be very difficult to change is

All labels (label, value, percent) have to all be in one location (left, right or inline) it’s not possible to have some labels be inline and others be on the left for example

You should be able to have all labels be inline, though!