Dashboard Sort is not applied from Scheduled PDF Export

  • 10 May 2018
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We built a holistic dashboard and began adding in region filters at the schedule UI to schedule exports to specific teams.

The issue that we are seeing is related to a specific Table chart that is sorting by Revenue in descending order.

We set the schedules to filter for accounts based on region (table is sorted by revenue in descending order), however when the scheduled PDF is exported that table’s sort is no longer in descending order.

To note, this is a Look that was added as a tile to the dashboard.

Any ideas here? We removed the schedule and added it back in, we also rebuilt all of the tiles and dashboard but the issue persists. At this moment, we can’t send that dashboard out because we have hundreds of accounts and our reps want to see Top 15 only. But, with this sort issue we wouldn’t be reporting the proper Top 15 accounts.

We also don’t want to create a different Look for every team since things change for each team at a monthly level and we have over 20+ teams. This means every month I will have to go through each of those 20 tiles to update them when it should just be done at the dashboard/schedule level.


3 replies

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I think I tracked down the root cause:

I have a Look, with two columns: account and revenue, sorted in descending order on revenue.

  1. We created a holistic Look, this Look does not have any filters applied.

  2. We cloned this Look, the resulting clone is still sorted in descending order for revenue - this is good.

  3. Then we added the region filter, pressed run, then the resulting Look no longer had the revenue sort - this is not good

Any ideas? Am I forgetting some rules with Looker’s Looks? Do I have to create a tile for each region? This is something that we won’t do, we have too many teams to manage all of those tiles efficiently that it gets to the point where I am spending too much time managing dashboards and updating filters. The dashboard level and schedule level filters were our answer, but it looks like at this moment it is not our solution.


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Hi @JLiou

Would you mind sending these steps as you’ve described in an email to I will pick up the ticket and will be happy to work through it with you there. In my first tests trying to replicate this behavior, my sorts are remaining even when filters are applied, so I’d love to dig deeper into the specific steps you’re taking to try and figure out what’s happening in your case here.



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Thanks, I just sent an email to