Dashboard Next tiles to update issue

  • 20 November 2020
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After upgrading my dashboard to NEXT (as it was advised during the last Looker conference) some filters were deconfigured, as I am trying to set configure them again, I’m faced with an issue in one of the filters - when selecting the files to update, as I click through the various options in order to find the field to filter by the modal simply closes and doesn’t let me update the tile.

1: Select the filter to update

2: Go to the Tiles to Update tab

3: Click on dropdown list to pick the field to filter

4: Select one

5: Try to select the entry point


Expected: another list of fields to select from

Actual: modal simply closes 

Also, just trying the “All” option instead of selecting one tile at a time doesn’t work.


This works fine in the old dashboard.


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