Dashboard HideFIlters From PDF

  • 5 August 2016
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I see the option if you create a dashboard using LookML. But I don’t see how to edit LookML for a dashboard created using the UI or the option to exclude filter.

I want to basically do this with a dashboard created using the UI; is that possible?:

7 replies

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bumping for visibility. Anyone able to help?

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Hi Joseph,

Sorry that we missed your first post! When we revamped our dashboards, we made the style decision to remove filters from individual tiles. In general, we recommend applying global filters to all tiles, so that the filters are consistent across the dashboard. This way it is very clear what filters are being applied to each tile without cluttering the dashboard. If you have a particular tile that you want to filter differently, for example, to look at only the past week, then you can apply a filter at the look level and make the range clear in the name of the tile. We have a post about when dashboard filters override look filters here, which will be good to check out if you use this method.

If you have any questions about how this applies to your particular use case, let us know and we can discuss!

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Thanks, but that didn’t really answer my initial question. I want to hide the filters from the output pdf. Right now the filters have a tile in the top that lists all the filters. Is there a way to not have those show up when exporting to pdf?

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Hey Joseph,

Sorry that I misunderstood! It isn’t currently possible to remove the filters at the top from the PDF. I’ll let the team know that this is something you want! An alternative is to put that filter on each look individually- then you can remove the global filters and they will not appear in the dashboard PDF.


@Morgan, that solution doesn’t seem scalable or flexible. I’ve asked @Trevor_Heath and @sharon (hope that’s the right Sharon) about this. The solution of transferring them all to looks makes the dashboard un-maintainable.

What if you want to update the filters? You have to open each look/tile and tweak them? Hope you don’t have bad habits like me because if you fat finger something now the trouble shooting process is much harder having to open each look. That alternative sounds kind of silly.

@josmeye - what alternatives have you used? We’re in need of something more robust. I’ve brought this up several times, hopefully something is coming down the pipeline?

Hi @Morgan, is this on the roadmap yet? I had a look today couldn’t find a way to hide them (individual look/tile filtering is not a solution)

We have a couple of customers receiving business reports out of Looker and they don’t like seeing the filters.

What are my options?

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Hi all, this doesn’t appear to be on the roadmap currently. Please express your interest in the feature by voting on it in our feedback system. You’re also welcome to leave a comment about your use case.


Here is the request:

If this link doesn’t work, first click on the help icon in your instance and choose “Product Idea”. This will log you in so that you can view the request.


It’s mentioned there that there is another workaround: to schedule the embedded version of the dashboard. Embed versions do have the “hide filters” setting, so you can give that a try!