Dashboard filters show 'no suggestions found' for dimension from merged query

  • 23 June 2020
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A bit of a variation on this issue.

Our finding is that a dashboard filter on a merged query dimension from one query doesn’t seem to work (no suggestions found). In other words, the dimension is only found in one of the two models involved in the merged query.

Also, even if the user types in the value in the filter, it doesn’t really filter the tile. In the column for the filtered dimension, it removes all the other responses, but does leaves the row, with a null value for the filtered dimension.

3 replies

I did solve the second problem. Made the query with the filtered dimension the primary query. That eliminates the row/join problem.

However, the filter prompts is still only returning “no suggestions found.”

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I split this out to a new topic to track the bug separately. Glad to hear you solved the second issue— I think that’s expected behavior as far as merges go, since you can think of them as a LEFT JOIN.

I’ll give this a shot and file it appropriately.


Is there a solution to the first part of the question? I am having a similar issue, where no suggestioins found is being returned when adding fields as a filter.