Dashboard filter values are not updating

  • 6 July 2022
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TL;DR - Is there a way to manually force Looker to update the list of values available in Dashboard filters?



I am in the development phase and have created a dashboard comprised of several Looks. There is a series of cascading filters at the top of the dashboard. I have had to update my data model due to schema changes (additions), and I have purged and loaded different data into BigQuery. None of the aforementioned changes affect any fields used by the filters (which are standard filters). Unfortunately, the filter values available to me in the drop-downs are still from a no-longer-present set of data. I have cleared cache and reloaded all looks, the dashboard, etc. and can confirm that all of those display the new dataset. The filters themselves are what are holding onto the stale values it would seem.


Has anybody run into this?




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