Dashboard Filter - Dropdown only working for Admins with Manage Model access

  • 12 July 2017
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The dropdown filter does not work for regular users but works fine for Admin users or any user with “manage_models” permission turned… Is there something I am missing? I don’t understand why users without manage models can not use the drop down.

A little background info… So originally the drop downs filter were taking far too long to load since it was an intensive query. so I devised a workaround and created a new dictionary view in SQL that would load quickly and created the Looker view.

So the dashboard filter is coming off this dictionary table that loads right up. Then this filter is just applied to the model. Everything worked as planned…

Now I’m testing on users that are not “Admins” with ‘mange_model’ access and the drop down isn’t working. Nothing comes up. Is there some additional step I need to take?

This is the only code used to connect the dictionary table to the model.

join: dict_measure_id{

sql_on: ${XXXXX.measure_name} = ${} ;;

relationship: many_to_one

type: inner

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We spoke on chat, and the key point was that you were missing model configuration.