Dashboard filter cannot be empty

  • 11 April 2017
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Hi there,

I am trying to implement a filter on a particular dashboard. As a default value I have now set the dashboard filter to something like this:

- name: filter_name_1
title: 'filter_title'
type: field_filter
model: looker_model
explore: explore_1
default_value: "Please enter an ID."

The user can get to this dashboard either by drilling down into an ID, for which the filter will be pre-filled: great. However, if the user gets to the dashboard without drilling, there will be no data because the default value does not exist. That’s great too. However, if the user removes the default value from the filter value box, the dashboard will return a full query, for which the data does not make sense. As such, I want to implement a condition on the dashboard filter that it cannot be empty. I have seen documentation that this can be implemented on view/explore level, but I cannot figure out how to do this only for this one particular dashboard. Any help is appreciated!


2 replies

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Hey barend_l,

At this time we do not have functionality to force default_value: if customer choses to blank it out. I can see totally valid point where it is useful. So I would be happy to mention it to our product team on your behalf.

Hi Aleksandrs,

Thanks for the feedback! I look forward to see this option soon in Looker.