Dashboard Export To PDF Error

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I have a dashboard that has a table visualization. It shows up fine on the web intereface but when I download it to PDF the right side is cut off. The graphics above it still show up inline on the page but for some reason the table goes off the edge of the PDF. Any suggestions or is this a bug that needs to be fixed?

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hello there!

when you say the right side is cut off, do you mean that not all the columns in the table are showing up? how many columns does the table have?

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Yep, there are 20 normal sized columns and the row number column which is smaller so 21 total.

It shows up fine without a horizontal scroll bar on the web, but when I export to PDF it cuts off about 4.5 columns

hello again,

how wide is your browser viewport when you are seeing all 21 columns? also, how wide do the columns become? finally, are you seeing this in the new full layout PDFs or in the inline (vertically stack) ones? or both?

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Happens in both legacy and full layout pdfs. Screen resolution is 1920x1080

thanks for the information. final question, when looking at the dashboard in your browser at that resolution, do you see all columns from the table? or do you have to scroll through them?

basically, our PDFs are rendered in a static way (and obviously there’s no way to scroll inside the table in a static capture). we render the new PDFs using a resolution width of 1280 which will end up looking different from your dashboard at something closer to 1920.


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Ya, it does show up correctly on my web page which is why I was confused when it output to PDF and was cut off. Is there a fix that can be done for this?

Need the pdf output in this format for the type of reporting I am building out. It is pretty much useless if I can’t get it to output to pdf in the same format as web since pdfs get put into a deck for senior leadership.

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Oh and no I dont have to scroll on my browser

We have a similar issue, but for us, we have more rows in our report than are output to the pdf. So in the web view we have 86 rows with 2 row dimensions and 4 measures in the columns, roughly 6 columns of column space total. Pdf only outputs 74 rows of information.

In terms of more rows than fits in a single pdf page my expected behavior is an additional page with repeated headers that contains the remaining rows. Is a fix for this in the works?

@steindawg: What version of Looker are you on? If on 3.48+ are you using the Legacy dashboards?

@josmeye: It is most likely because you are viewing the dashboard in a much wider width. one option I am considering is to allow you to request different width dashboards when downloading a PDF. for now, there’s no quick fix tho 😦

No we are on 3.46 so definitely due for an upgrade. We know there is some updated funcitonality around fit, but it sounded as if that is more shrink to fit than creating additional pages in the pdf. Is that accurate?

@steindawg: in 3.48 you can still use the vertical dashboard PDFs, or you can try the new ones we introduced in 3.48+ which may help your particular case.

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Still having this issue. Is this being prioritized at all. If not we may have to find an alternative reporting solution than looker as it is not giving us PDFs in the way we need. We have worked around some of it up to now, but it is getting unusable without PDFs being more adjustable.

Yes, it is something we are actively working on. You should see major improvements early next year.

Is the fix to PDF export still being worked on?

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Hey @kylelundstedt,

We are still working on a proper fix for this.

Just wanted to share that we also have this issue with PDF rendering of dashboards (where content is being cut off on the right side). So, looking forward to a solution from Looker to get more control over PDF output. (Allowing to specify page orientation of the PDF output could help as well.) Thanks!

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Hi @ThomasG,

Thank you for letting us know that you are seeing this. If you don’t mind, can you send an email to with the relevant screenshots so we can track it on our side and I can loop in my engineering team with it?



+1 We would like this functionality for inline visuals as well.

I am having an issue with this as well - where font size is not consistent as well. On webpage it looks fine but when printed the font is larger and cuts off.

hi - has a solution to this been implemented yet? we have same issue (v 7.0.22) where on screen we have a specific width that is making each row to have to lines, while exporting to PDF is keeping them in a single line and cutting half of the data in each column. please advise.

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This thread is originally referencing a super old bug that’s been fixed.

It looks like recently, though, there have been a few issues pertaining to dashboard PDF’s being cut off, does your table look something like this?

If so, can you try selecting “Fit page to dashboard” in the export pane instead of choosing a specific paper size?

If that doesn’t do the trick, you should reach out to support via chat or There’s a couple of PDF export issues that they can help diagnose.

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This is an ongoing issue and I still see it. The tile that I have in the end of the dashboard is always cut off 

Hello, I’m having the same issues outlined above. Has there been a solution for this yet? Thanks!

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