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  • 14 October 2018
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I have a dashboard(d2) which has several measures and that gets called in from drill down menu from another dashboard(d1). Depending on what measure user clicks on d1, I am able to pass those values to d2 and the dashboard d2 displays required data. My problem is that I want to sort d2 rows by the measure that user has clicked on d1.

can someone please share some way to get this done.


4 replies

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Hello Ima,

I think Looker is still working on it.

Source: This

thanks Krishna

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Hi @ima.adesi,

Indeed, we are working on this (thanks @krishpotluri!) and I have added your feedback to our product team to let them know you are also interested in seeing this feature.

Thank you!


Hey there!

Thanks for reaching out to us with this great question. Right now, as Krishna and my colleague Molly mention above, there is no way to dynamically achieve this within Looker’s UI itself when drilling from one dashboard to another, but like Jonathan mentioned in the conversation you guys had about this, the way to achieve something similar is using some link liquid variables in the defined drill paths.

An example of this would be code like the following:

measure: returned_count {

type: count_distinct

sql: ${id} ;;

filters: {

field: is_returned

value: "yes"


drill_fields: [detail*]

link: {label: "Explore Top 20 Results" url: "{{ returned_count._link}}&sorts=order_items.sale_price+desc&limit=20" }


(The above is mentioned in this discourse - More Powerful Data Drilling)

This will take the measure in the link and sort it how you write in the link, in the above case… we choose desc with a limit of 20.

When working with drills to a dashboard or look, generally the format for this kind of thing is view_name.field_name._value. You can find more patterns like this on our documents here: Liquid HTML

Hope this helps 🙂