Dashboard (Beta) Can't hide title of tile

  • 3 December 2019
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The tiles of my current dashboards are all hidden. When I convert my existing dashboard to Dashboard (beta), the Tile’s titles become visible and I’m unable to hide them. Editing the dashboard doesn’t give any option to hide the titles. Furthermore, highlighting the title and hit “backspace” reverts the dashboard back to the original… interesting - is that a feature?

5 replies

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Hello Lieu,

It seems that this feature to hide tile’s title is not yet available for Dashboard Next beta as indicated in this help article:


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Exciting news! This feature will be fully supported on Dashboards (Beta) in Looker 7.8.

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+1 Still having this issue. I think its a bug, as this was there last week.

Hi @Katie_Gillespie , the tile title goes away for number tiles by default. Is there any option to show or not show it?

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Any update on this? next gen dashboards still have that issue