Dashboard Auto Refresh once for all users

  • 3 December 2019
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We are using internally a dashboard for monitoring real time performance of our countries. I have basically 60 users looking at this dashboard everyday with an auto refresh setup at 15 minutes. The issue here is that auto refresh forces the dashboard to update (bypassing any caching policy) and therefore, we are sending a huge amount of queries to BigQuery resulting in a nice scanning bill!

I would ilke to try to find a solution to deactivate the auto refresh on this dashboard and trigger the update every 15minutes only once so that all users see the most recent version of the data without reloading their browsers. What would be the approach to do so? Is there a method with the Looker API to trigger a dashboard refresh or something like this?

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4 replies

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Piggy backing on this. I have a monitoring dashboard that updates every minute. I realized it’s slamming our database after I shared it with other people and running the same queries 10-20x per minute.

Have you tried using datagroups? These can use a cron schedule in the admin settings (to check hourly, every 15 minutes, etc). These can check a sql statement based on the cron schedule every x minutes to see if cache should be cleared. So, if there is new data, you can force looker to clear cache, otherwise let queries cache. 

we used datagroups which is tie directly to our ETL job completion. 


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I think this works! I consider myself a savvy Looker developer, but had no idea that datagroups existed. Thanks @n_davis and @Hramos !