Daily average in time series

  • 19 January 2023
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Hello all, I kinda need help to generate a time series based on

 → daily average scores

How do I do that? Currently my time based series on shows only average and sum of the whole period, but not broken down to daily reads. Please help…. Thanks in advance


Date Distance (km)
1/1/2023 2
1/1/2023 4
2/1/2023 3
3/1/2023 5
3/1/2023 4


Expecting a time-series graph that reads

1/1/2023 → 3km

2/1/2023 → 3 km

3/1/2023 → 4.5km

3 replies

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Have you created a measure of type - averagem then you only need date as your dimension and average would be calculated automatically. Show us some code and visualisation/data table, to see where things are not going the way you want.

Hi Dawid,


Thank you for replying. I sincerely appreciate it.

As you see below, I am supposed to get data for each bar, but i just get 1 bar on 1st Jan, but I have data for other days. I did not write any code though…...


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But I don’t see how you built your query, what the data is modelled like. You’re asking for an answer but we don’t know anything to form a concrete answer. 


Also, if this is Google Data Studio, then this is not the community for it