Cycling Through Multiple Dashboards on a TV

  • 2 September 2015
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Many times having a single dashboard displayed on a TV just isn’t enough data! Sometimes teams want to look at multiple dashboards, and you’d like to cycle through these prominent team dashboards in a single browser on a TV displayed in the office.

By leveraging our private dashboard embed functionality, and a Google Chrome plugin called ‘Revolver’, you can do exactly that. Here’s how:

On the computer powering the TV dashboards, open a new Chrome window and open all the dashboards you want to circulate on the TV, each in a new tab.

Be sure to use the private embed functionality /embed/ in the URL so the dashboards are only visible without the tool navigation on the left-hand side. More info on that, here.

That’ll make your dashboards appear like this:

Next, install the Google Chrome App, Revolver.

Once Revolver is installed, you can right click the Revolver icon in the browser, then click ‘options’ to set your Revolver settings, or, how long you want each dashboard to be cycled on the TV:

It’s up to you on how long you want each dashboard to be displayed, but 10 seconds is usually enough time for people to get a glance at the relevant dashboard:

Sit back and watch your dashboards be presented to the whole company.

Happy dashboard cycling!

2 replies

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By default, a dashboard will display the same data as long as the page is left open. If you’d like to leave your dashboard open all day but have it refresh at regular intervals, you can enable Dashboard Auto Refresh in the dashboard settings.

You can read more about this feature here: Note the warnings in the doc about performance if you decide to use this feature.

Thanks for sharing this! Identifying and presenting key performance indicators is an excellent way to grow a data-driven culture, helps teams better understand one another, and identify operational and data-related areas for improvement.