Customer Support / Service Scheduling Tools?

  • 27 April 2017
  • 1 reply

I’m not sure the best place to put this, and know this is a long-shot to ask Looker for, since even the customer service orgs haven’t developed it …

Does anyone have a good way of handling forecasting support tickets and allocating a schedule for staffing? We’re currently hacking this in Excel and then pushing the output into Redshift. I’m sure, we could also hack it in Looker, so wanted to check to see what others are doing.


1 reply

Hey @Bridge_Mellichamp! This is totally possible – and we use Looker to do the very same! We use historical data we collect through the Zendesk API to predict the load and the knowledge of how many chats our support team are expected to handle at what rate and use that to build a schedule every 6 weeks. You may want to look into moving the data from your customer service provider into a database so that Looker can access it!