Custom value format in table-type visualization

  • 14 March 2017
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We often report values for multiple different currencies within a single unified ‘Cost’ field, with the associated currency contained in a separate dimension. When we know we’re only reporting on a single currency, we might wish for the currency unit to be displayed in a table visualization. Ideally we’d like to do this by having users define value formats in the same way that they are defined for single value visualizations.

So for example, I’d like to be able to define a value format of "£"#,##0.00 and, instead of seeing the unformatted numbers, see:

Is this something that could be considered for a future update?

3 replies

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Hi @michael.king -you can do this at the LookML level using value_format. You can even save custom value formats using named_value_format.

Does this satisfy your use case? Or were you looking to do this explicitly in the table visualization?

Hi Sam,

Yes, we’re specifically looking for a solution in table visualisations that our entry-level (i.e. w/o LookML access) users can define on the fly.

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Got it Michael. I’ll let the product team know you’d like this! Thanks for proposing the idea!