Custom Title dependent on Filter

Is there a way to customize a look title in a dashboard to be dependent on a filter?

IE. Sales on [Date] where [Date] is a filter that the user can change.

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Hi @Tracy.Sit, at this time it is not possible to create titles that are dynamic based on a changing field. That’s an interesting use case and I’ll be sure to relay that information to our Product Team.


Jesus Cruz

Hi Tracy.

Based on filter, create a report and add the report in the dashboard near the title,

Based on filter value the title also gets changed.



Can you elaborate? I want to do this in the embedded use case. Do you know if your solution is possible in that case?

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I believe Tracy’s solution would involve the title being a Single Value Visualisation instead of a text tile.

You could create a dimension in the model which has a html parameter that displays the above

dimension: title {
type: string
sql: ${date}
html: <h1>Sales on {{ rendered_value }}</h1> ;;

This is a bit of a workaround solution unfortunately.

Hi..can we add a liquid parameter value selected in a text tile

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Unfortunately we can’t, the content of a text tile does not go through liquid engine, I believe. To display things like that I use single value tiles and make sure that the dashboard filter is also connected to that tile..

Hi, is there a way to create a title (for a tile) that is depended on the parameter?

Is there an update here?

5 years with no improvement

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5 years with no improvement

A trend I’m noticing with Looker...

5 years with no improvement


fwiw, you can do this in Qlik… Likely other BI products as well.