Custom Table - Difference Between todays number and yesterdays number

  • 30 April 2021
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I have a Look and one of the columns is “Total Screened To Date”. I have the report scheduled to send on a daily basis. I have been asked to add a column that shows the deviation from todays “Total Screened to Date” versus yesterdays “Total Screened To Date”. I am having some issues creating a custom table, etc. Any guidance - I cannot figure this out?


Ideally it would be layed out like the image below. Thoughts? 


4 replies

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I assume that you have a date in your table which you missed out?

Take at adding a table calculation and use the row_offset function to get the row below a value (yesterday’s value)

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Might be just offset actually not row_offset

@IanT There is no date associated with this report. The only option I am able to query is “to date”. I can’t filter that date….i.e. “to date as of yesterday”….That would be awesome because then I could do the difference between those two numbers that were output. 



Really, a good first step for me would be to just be able to query the date. So I have a column that = “total enrolled to date”. If you could have a second column that says (“total enrolled to date as of “date”)….If that makes sense.