Custom Fields - Creating a rank column based on earliest date when at specific point

  • 13 August 2021
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Good day,

I work in shipping and logistics. I’m looking to create a column showing a rank (1,2,3...) based on the sailing date of a ship at a specific port.

FYI All ships start with the same port and there’s a date column for each port, so the easiest way might be to add a filter (?)

Thank you in advance for your insight!

1 reply

I had the same issue. The way I got around this was I created a LookML dimension to get the min date from the table

dimension: min_calendar_date {
    description: "Earliest date"
    type: date
    convert_tz: no


Then created a custom dimension which check calendar_date against min_calendar_date. 1 if the dates match, 0 if the dates do not match


if(${calendar_date} = ${min_calendar_date},1,0)


Then used the custom dimension as a filter and limited to 1